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Grand Spruce Neuman Tree

Neuman Tree

Grand Spruce 7.5'

$ 954.99 $ 1,089.99

7.5' Grand Spruce... well we outdid our selves with this one, we finished the tree and stood back and said what a Grand Tree and THE GRAND SPRUCE TREE was Born this is the Largest tree we have ever had. You will need a big space for this one but what a Tree. Available in 7.5' and 9'

7.5' Grand Spruce        74" Dia     1844 Tips    1050 Clear Bright Lites     

4 year Warranty on Lights and 10 years on Tree       

Super Sale   $  879.99

9' Grand Spruce Shown

An Addition Shipping Charge will be applied of $ 85.00 to Order ( Include in Sale Price) 

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