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Thanks To All ....... Robert and Larry

In 1976 we started like most entrepreneurs with a dream to fulfill the people’s wishes, hopes and fantasies in their shopping experiences. As a small Gift Shop and Florist in our current location, we built a 3000 square foot building and a large 40’ by 95’ Greenhouse and Cactus House 16’ x 24’. For three years the Florist and Gift shop kept expanding, the village collectibles gift shop more than doubled each year, until we knew that we needed to expand to the nearby mall. In the spring of 1979 Robert Moore an Company, Inc. opened in Springdale Mall, our 1600 square feet was packed and RM&C quickly became a favorite place to shop and checkout the collections. In the fall of 1979 Larry Heard joined the staff of RM&C as a salesclerk.

It was clear that at our current growth we would need to expand again and at his point we wanted to open the year round Christmas Shoppe. We decide that our old location was the perfect spot to open this new adventure, the building was perfect in size and many customers knew of the location, so in the fall of 1980 Robert Moore and Co. Christmas Town was open, and BOY was it big. Hundreds and thousands of customers came to see the spectacular venues and village collectibles products we would offer. Robert Moore and Co. Christmas Town was a hit!

In the spring of 1981, the lease of our gift store was up at the mall so we built a 1600 sq ft addition to house the Christmas Shop and moved the Gift and Collectible shop back to our current location. The fall of 1981 proved that we needed more space. Plans were drawn up and construction began in the spring of 1983 on the 8500 sq ft addition and our new entrance. In the fall of 1984 we opened the doors to our multi-level extravaganza, “Christmas Town”. Ever expanding needs were always in the works as our growth was always on the move. In the fall of 1985, we started the plans for the final expansion of our Christmas shop of 12500 sq ft warehouse and 2500 st ft display space which opened in the summer of 1986. Now our 18 acre, 35000+ square foot building and out buildings are complete.

Now we can focus on the village collectibles merchandise blend which was ever expanding, new lines and exciting lines expanding. Inventories grew and pricing came down as our purchases increased. In the fall of 1976 our inventory was around $100,000.00; in the fall of 1999 our inventory was over $5,000,000.00 and growing.

Through the years Robert Moore and Company Christmas Town has seen growth every year and in 2003 we launched our first gift store website. We were blown away with the customers’ orders and positive comments. grew to over 7,000 items online and stocked by us in-house.

After all those years, and with no heirs to run the business, it was with great sadness that we decided to close the brick and mortar store in the fall of 2014 and retire, but y’all would have none of that! Over 4,000 customers, clients and friends, would not let Robert Moore and Company “Christmas Town” close. You asked us to reconsider our retirement plans and stay open; so working with the City of Mobile, and the State of Alabama, we reopened with a new name: “Robert Moore and Co presents EVERYTHING CHRISTMAS”. Same great selections plus lots more, better pricing (because of volume), same great staff and some new ones, and our FANTASTIC clients and customers. The new store offers mostly Christmas Merchandise but we have all the holiday seasons: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, 4th of July and etc. with a great selections of Christmas shop Gifts and Collectibles and an expanded section of Dolls and Toys.

If you are in the area we would love to have you stop by, browse our vast inventories, and enjoy the excitement of a Real Christmas Shoppe year round, but if you can’t get here, the online store is open 24/7 for you to enjoy!

Merry Christmas and a Joyous Holiday season from all of us here at “Robert Moore and Co. CHRISTMAS TOWN AND VILLAGE COLLECTIBLES" and Welcome Home!