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White Sheep Kid


White Sheep Kid

$ 36.99

White Sheep Kid,    Size: 10.92in X 4.29in X 10.92in (LxWxH)

The white sheep has always been a symbol of innocence. Combined with the soft wool, this little lamb is the perfect gift for the perfect child! Only 10 inches tall and it fits perfectly in the arms of a sleeping child. Besides being super cute, lambs can be used as a very versatile tool in education. From learning the "baa baa baa" sound, to singing nursery rhymes and songs and learning where wool comes from.

There are over 1 billion sheep in the world, mostly domestic. Younger sheep are called lamb. Descended form Europe and Asia, sheep were only of the earliest animals to be domesticated for agricultural purposes. They are raised for wool, meat, and milk. These mammals are herbivorous, with most breeds preferring to graze on grass. Sheep are flock animals and have a natural inclination to follow a leader to new pastures.

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